Smart Folders rules for excluded terms?

How does one create a Smart Folder using a “Contains” rule for NOT MATCHING particular content.

E.g. I have an Unread News smart folder that searches my Databases for ALL of the following that are true:

  1. Unread is ON
  2. Kind is HTML page

But if I try and add a 3rd rule for “Content” it supplies a read-only “matches” clause for finding specific search terms that I want it to match, but there’s no apparent way to make it “not match” a particular word.

My goal is to show me all my unread RSS feed articles that DO NOT contain the word “iPad”.

Hey man,

I got it to work by adding one line to your search criteria:

CONTENT matches NOT ipad


Aaron Kulbe

Perfect, thanks Aaron, my life is more sane now :slight_smile:
On a side note, I can’t believe I didn’t think to use operators in this context. All my smart groups have just been on meta info that has a specific rule or keywords that resemble Cocoa APIs to surface all the material on APIs I’m working with at the given time. This is a game changer :wink: heh