Smart Folders?

Maybe I’m just missing this and it’s probably somewhere, but I thought it would be quicker to ask you guys. Are there smart folders in Devonthink? I’m using Personal and I can’t seem to find them. I’m not even sure if I really need them but I thought if ever there came a day that I did, it would be nice.

Smart groups will be part of v2.

Sorry if I keep asking about features that will be in version 2.

Perhaps if you could point me in the direction of a list of features that version 2 will have, then that would save you guys the trouble of guys like me. I have heard of a few so far but the forums are quite dense nowadays and a simple list will do.


Just have a look at the Announcements board :slight_smile:

Oh, sweet. I just thought announcements meant updates and the like. That makes a lot of sense. You’ll hear less than me hopefully in this Q&A board.

Just to make sure: This means that when I reference a folder in the DEVONthink database and add another file to the folder, that file will automatically be referenced in the DEVONthink database?

I think you may be asking about capturing a Finder folder into your database using File > Index in DEVONthink, then choosing one or more Finder folders.

You can do that already in DEVONthink. A corresponding group is created in your database. Index-captured content is “marked” with a blue circle with a white symbol inside it, to the right of the group or document name in a view window.

After Index-capturing a Finder folder, if the content of that folder is modified, the corresponding group in the database will be updated if the group is selected and the File > Synchronize command is invoked.

Users of DT Pro and DT Pro Office can use a Folder Action script attached to a Finder folder, that will allow new content added to the Finder folder to be automatically sent to the open database. One of the two Folder Action scripts will Import (copy), the other will Index (reference) each new file added to that Finder folder.

Hm, is there a way to automate the synchronizing itself? If I edit an article with the text editor, it creates an automatically saved version of the text as long as it’s opened, so I guess those backups would be entered into the database as well. Cleaning these out wouldn’t be that much less work than synchronizing the folders manually, I guess.