Smart Group and Columns

Hi, seems that nor Database Smart Goup nor Workspaces retains a specified set of columns, only global smart group do it.
is this the normal behaviour?


Workspaces do not retain columns.
Local smart groups obey the columns of the database.
Global smart groups exist outside any database therefore they have their own set of columns.

in my mind, it makes sense to have customizable columns especially for workspaces, ideally also in local smart group, i should be able to select what to show and how to show it.
maybe could i add a feature request?

This has been suggested by various posts. DT has mentioned that they will consider some functions/workflow to let user switching to different standard templates of columns or views or something like that - in the long term. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

having local and global smart group different behaviour about views seems not coherent to me.

at least scriptable view/columns object would be an option…

Another issue is that the order of columns is not honored. Here for example is what I set.

Here is what I see when I return go elsewhere and return immediately to the smart group.


That’s a known bug: Criss posted that it will be fixed

Oh. Missed that. Thanks!