Smart group and keywords highlight


In DT 2.x, if I search for the keyword “diabetes”, it will list all the relevant documents to the keyword, and if I select any one of those documents, the preview windows will show the document with the keyword highlighted.

However, if I create a smart group for the keyword “diabetes”, it will behave similarly to searching for a “diabetes”, except that when I select any one of those documents, keywords won’t be highlighted in the preview window.

In DT3, I wonder whether the same behavior persists for smart group? My Devonthink inbox often fed with long documents and newsletters. I hope to zoom-in to the relevant parts quickly, rather just than the relevant files, to get what I need to know on a topic.


There is the option to Display Occurrences but it appears it’s not working as expected yet (though I’m willing to admit I may be misinterpreting it).

Development has been informed and they’ll have to assess this.

Nice, I think this is the function in DT 3 that will do the job.

Hope the stable version of DT3 will be released soon. :slight_smile:

I can’t say when, but we are pushing on toward the finish line. :slight_smile: