Smart Group combining "All" and "Any"

I could use some help on figuring out how to create a smart group that requires two sets of tags, where the second set is “any.” The scenario:

Tags: “Islam” “Christianity” “Education”
Group: “Religion+Education”
Rule: Tag = “Education” AND (“Islam” OR “Christianity”)

Based on a little bit of playing, I can’t get Boolean operators to be treated as such (DTP wants to consider them as tags), and I’m still new enough at DTP to not know if there’s a way to do it that I’ve just missed.

Any help is appreciated.

PS a “Religion” tag is “useless,” as basically everything I have is “religion” and I’d rather not have superfluous tags if I can avoid them.

If religion is useless as a tag, then why have it as a tag in the database and also as a criteria in a smart group?

Looks like this would do what you want, changing 'Search in" to the group “Religion+Education” and entering “Islam” and “Christianity” as the tag criteria.

Ooops. The rule should have been:
“Education” AND (“Islam” OR “Christianity”)

Sorry for the typo (I’ll edit the OP to correct that). I don’t have group that’s “Religion+Education,” but want to create a smart group that functions that way. I have a few files that are on education theory in general, and don’t want those included. A “religion” tag would mean I’d have to tag about 1,700 items with it. Time-consuming to be sure :frowning:

Something like this works over here

OK, that looks perfect. I didn’t know I could add an “Any” as a sub-whatever. Many thanks. I’ll get right on it!

EDIT: For anyone who comes to this thread at a later date with a similar question, hold the option key while clicking one of the plus signs for a new “any/all.”