Smart Group criteria changes on its own

I am trying to create some smart groups. I put in the criteria I want. The problem is that when I save it, DT changes the criteria to something different. Presumably this is a bug? Or am I missing something? I created lots of smart groups before and never noticed this.

The criteria I want …

But when I hit OK and immediately edit it again, this is what is what I get …

What edition and version of DEVONthink are you using when this happens? I don’t have the same labels and tags as you, but over here – tested with making a similar smart group and my own labels and tags – I get the same result with the “Any … date created” portion, but the label and tags portion remains unaffected when I close the group. IIRC, there was a smart group issue a couple of releases back that was later fixed.

I was on version 2.4. I upgraded to 2.4.2, and the problem went away. Thanks. :slight_smile: