Smart group criteria "is empty"

I couldn’t figure out how to filter files that have no (empty) Author metadata. In Bookends, it has a dedicated menu “is empty”. But DT doesn’t have that.

Did I miss sth simple here?

Does Author is and leaving the text field empty work as expected?

No, it doesn’t.

Did you use the right author condition? In the Pro/Server edition there are actually two possibilities by default: One author in the document properties (see Tools > Inspectors > Info > Properties), one in the custom metadata (see Preferences > Data)

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Works here…

Illustrating @cgrunenberg’s comment, the Author is here…

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It looks like the Custom metadata and the other one (call it properties) are different things. The filter you guys suggesting is working for the properties one: but not for the custom metadata.

And, the smart rule is modifying the Custom metadata when I tell it to change the Author. This is interesting and puzzling at the same time.

  • smart groups filter the one in Properties
  • smart rules act on the one in the Custom metadata.

That is correct. Properties and custom metadata are not the same thing.

And again… you need to choose the correct attribute.
What I showed was the file metadata not the custom metadata that is listed farther down.

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Thank you for the explanation. I now understood that the reason the smart rules target the custom metadata–it is because the file metadata (properties) cannot be modified (for text files).

You’re welcome.