Smart group find by label not working?

Perhaps I am confused (I use Devonthink only every so often, and mostly in stereotyped ways), but it appears that I can’t set up a smart group with a label criterion in it.

I create a new smart group, set the criterion to
Search in database,
All of the following are true,
Label is ,
and it creates a smart group with a different label. It seems to happen in all cases (Label is, Label is not, All of the following are true, Any of the following are true).

I’m using DevonPro Office 2.4 on Mac OS 10.7.4
my labels.png
Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 20.54.04 .png
Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 20.53.47 .png

I tried this on DTPO 2.4 (on 10.8 ) and the label predicate in smart groups is definitely broken:

Created a new smart group in the global sidebar:

Saved it. Double-clicked the group to edit the criteria, and DEVONthink had changed it to this:

There are documents in the database with/without labels that fit all of these criteria - including “–” [“any”] – so the group works, but works wrong.

Searches created in the Search panel (Tools > Search) can be saved as smart groups. DEVONthink saves these in the global sidebar. In 2.4, saved searches for labels work correctly. However, if the search is double-clicked and edited, then it breaks again. So, there is a workaround to the bug - but the workaround can itself be broken.

Verified. Thanks for the report and verification.

Thanks for the work-around, korm. I’ll try it