Smart group for missing documents?

Hi, is it possible to create a smart group that shows all missing documents? I don’t seem to be able to find appropriate search criteria in the drop-down.

The way I do it is after a Verify, the list is in the Log window. They are links.

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Welcome to the wonderful world which is the DEVONtech forum.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by missing (“would anybody who is not here today please raise their hands?”). If you literally mean missing (i.e., you have indexed files, have moved one in Finder, but DT has not updated to reflect that change), then as @rmschne says the only way for DT to even notice that is by testing or when it tries to access the file - so verifying the database would be the only way to go, and the log window would then represent your list of missing files.

If you mean those which are not yet available (e.g. you have indexed files and use sync to sync two or more copies of DT; the indexed files is available on one device, but not on the other; DT on the device on which the file is not present will list that file, but show it as unavailable), then the correct term is “pending” (so your smart group criterium would be item is pending).

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Thanks! Indeed I meant files that were deleted or moved for some reason - appears that indeed these are all indexed files. I’ll check the verification log.