Smart Group for .numbers files

Hi, I’m looking for a solution to add a smart group catching all my .numbers files. Obviously the ‘kind - Sheet’ attributes don’t get them.

thanks in advance


Without explicit support for “Extension is .numbers” or “Kind is numbers” criteria something like this may be the best you can do:
Numbers Documents.png

Thanks a lot, that indeed solved my problem. Interesting workaround though :wink: Hope future versions can sort files recognized by their suffix, shouldn’t be that hard since the extension is known to the system anyway…

I’d like “Kind is Other” to accept specific values for Other, e.g. numbers, even if Kind is being determined by extensions (which is icky, and extension in general are evil, but that’s another topic :wink:).

Having "… starts with …, “… ends with …”, etc. matching criteria would be convenient, e.g. allowing “Name ends with .whatever” to serve as a suffix/extension-matcher if desired.

ok, I’ve got the idea now what this category ‘kind is other’ is aiming at; have been wondering for some time now, how to apply it; Thanks again;
Besides - what you said about the additional features to refine the ‘smarties’ _ I totally agree and believe, since the guys developing this neat little piece of software obviously seem to be taking their job very seriously, we will be allowed to steer clear more and more of the ‘Finder’ and its shortcomings as time goes by…

I’m still mostly ignorant of DT-style search/pattern matching tricks that can be useful in Smart Groups since my mind is more oriented toward regexp matching.

Btw, the reason I added “Kind is Other” in my Numbers Document SG example was to help limit it to non-Numbers document types that also happened to match “Name matches .numbers”. Not flawless, which is why I said “may be the best you can do”.

I see. Thanks anyway. Nice workaround though