Smart Group for Recently Modified Documents

Is it possible to have a script attached to smart group that adds recently modified/created documents? Does this script already exist?


A smart group automatically updates each time you open it.

Sorry, I worded my question imprecisely. I use the “All words” and another script that filters the comments fields and I know they automatically update each time you open it. I’m thinking of a different kind of script, on that doesn’t create groups based on a search string in the contents or comment fields but on whether the modification date has changed – independent of whether the documents match a search.

Can I create a Smart Group which has the following rule: if a record is changed anywhere in the database it is added to the group? That is, whenever a modified date is updated for a document, it is added to the group.

I have many thousands of records in hundreds of groups. If I return the database, I want to be able to see exactly what documents I’ve been working on recently. It would be like history of urls visited in a browser, except the rule is “recently edited” – other smart groups could be “recently created”, “recently moved to a group”, “recently replicated”.

Is it possible to pull something like this off with a script and attach it to a group?

Or is there another way for me to see what documents I’ve edited recently?


Here’s an easy answer:

Select Tools > History. All your documents are sorted by Age. The most recently modified or added items are at the top. The group location of each item is also displayed.

Thank you!