Smart Group for Text Files


I’m evaluating DTPO and I’ve generally been quite impressed. However, I have encountered a possible bug. I wanted to create a smart group to gather all the files in my database-- that is, all files whose kind is either plain text or rich text. So I created a smart group searching for ANY of (kind is plain text) and (kind is rich text).

When I do this, the program discards the first of my two conditions. If I return to the smart group editor for this group, I only see the second condition. Is it not possible to set up a smart group to search for two kinds of file?

I’m using DTPO 2.0.2. I tried deleting and re-creating my smart group, as well as rebuilding my database, but the problem persists. Let me know if I can usefully provide any other info.

I see a lot of forum traffic about troubles with smart groups, and I find in the DTPO manual a note saying “The smart group editor is still under construction.” Given that DevonTHINK is a premium program with a premium price tag, I find this discouraging. Is there any timeline for when smart groups will be considered fully functional? (I don’t mean to imply any irritation on my part; I’m just curious.)


Multiple kinds/labels aren’t supported yet but will be in the future.

While this is an old post, if anyone else is looking for an answer, you can partially solve the situation if you setup a smart group to search for multiple kinds of files using the filename filter, because DTPO supports multiple filenames in Smart Group filters.

for PDF files, select “Filename > ends with > .pdf”
for text files, select “Filename > ends with > .txt”
to search for similar file extension names use the contains operator, i.e. “Filename > contains > .doc” (to search .doc or .docx files)

and so on, adding as many filename filters as you need.

You can actually nest Kinds as subcriteria as well. Hold the Option Key to add subcriteria when editing a Smart Group.
Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.44.52 AM.png