Smart Group missing condition satisfiers

I have a Smart Group (SG) searching in a group “Top ToC.” with only these set:

All of the following are true:
Label is not Purple
Kind is not Group

Only 80% of the RTF files make their way inside the SG. Some of these are replicants, and so have replicants outside “Top ToC.” Was that the problem? OK, so I deleted all replicants outside “Top ToC.” Closed and re-opened the SG. Edited, made a fake change, hit OK.

Nope—20% are still missing.

What am I doing wrong? “Top ToC” is a niece of the SG.

Could you elaborate? And maybe post a screenshot of the rule.

Maybe their location is inside a group that‘s excluded from search (see Inspector)?

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Here is the rule and Smart Group in the background. You can also see CPR TOC: BIG TOTAL, which is the place being searched:

Here is the contents of CPR TOC: BIG TOTAL—level one:

Here is the contents of CPR TOC: BIG TOTAL—deeper down, and you can see that **QºB154–55 is there, yet it is absent from the Smart Group:

I can only blindly speculate. E.g., could brackets inside the record names be causing problems?

And the group 065… is not excluded from search?

That’s correct. You can see from the first image (previous post) that QºB155 fn. 283 and QºB156 are included.

And here:

… you can see the blue-tinted selections are included in the Smart Group. But the non-selected RTFs here … they are all missing:

No groups, and no documents, have any of their exclusions checked.

I was referreing to the exclude from ... search setting in the inspector:

I was referring to the same thing. None of the exclusions you see there are checked, which means that none of them have checkmarks in them.

Ah.I didn’t recognize that in the list view. Then I’m out of ideas.

The Smart Group doesn’t search in “CPR TOC: BIG TOTAL”, I think.

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It is searching six ancestors above, rather than seven:

Hello! Do any of the DevonThink creators have any idea on what’s going on? I can’t see the reason why certain files get ignored by Smart Groups, when they fall under its search-in scope. I’ve tried renaming the file. Makes no difference.

Try Kind is Any Document. How does that work out?

Did you check the Exclude from searching option of both the not found items and all of their enclosing groups & tags?