Smart Group question

Love smart groups (actually love DT), but i’m having trouble with one particular setup.

I have hundreds of meeting notes in rich text notes all with names like “1999-04-12 Meeting - some subject”. I want to create a smart group to collect all these together, and all i really want to do is setup a smart group that searches for items with names that contain “Meeting -” (that is, “Meeting” then a hyphen character).

Trouble is, I can’t do it (sadness). I can search on “Meeting” of course, works fine, but the hyphen seems impossible. I realize hyphen (minus) is an operator in the “matches” field in DT, but I can’t find a way to escape it. I’ve tried double quotes, backslash, using an RE text group etc etc, but nothing seems to work.

Can I even do this? Is DT trying to be too smart or am i being too dumb (probably that lol). Anyone have any suggestions?