Smart Group Rule

It is possible to create a smart group with a condition for a date field to be relative (yesterday, today, etc.), but that is only possible for is/isn’t conditions.

Currently I am setting a flag to those documents that I don’t want (or want) to appear in the group (i.e. their custom date is less than today), but it is not that smart.

As workaround I was thinking to create an automation to set that flag or use the “not within last” condition with 9999999. The latter has the disengage that the text field only shows 3 digits. But both are just workarounds and I am not a fan of either.

Anyone else has found a better solution or know if there are plans to extend relative dates to the “greater/lower than” conditions?

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My head’s going round in circles (which may be due to a head cold); having read and re-read your post, I’m not sure I know what you are aiming to do. Could you perhaps post a specific example of the condition(s) you want the smart group to adhere to?

Because, say you want the group to show documents whose custom date is less than today; then you’d use three conditions, and the “All” qualifier:

  • custom date is within last 99999 days
  • custom date is not today
  • kind is any document

That’s assuming the custom date could also be later than today; otherwise the smart group would only need the custom date is not today condition.

There would be no need to set a flag, because smart groups allow you to use within/not within last x days.

This smart group will include all documents with a custom date “Erstellt” prior to last week, and going back 99999 days:

@cgrunenberg the OP is right in mentioning that the days field is barely three digits wide - it does accept more than 3 digits though. Perhaps when there’s nothing else going on, you could expand the text entry (both with the window focused and not focused).

Fixed in the next release.


Hi Blanc,

Thank you for your time and your reply.
In my case I want to list all the documents that are “still valid”, i.e. that have a custom date in the future. Think about articles to be published in a coming issue. We can review those articles up to the cut date, after that date I don’t want to see those documents because there is no point to update them.
Thinking about that I would be fine with an additional “past” and “future” options for the date (in the same combo box of This/Last week . So I could set the rule to be “is in the future”
“Custom date” - “is in the” - “future”

Is it more clear now?

@cgrunenberg thank you for the quick fix

Hey, thanks for the explanation.

So you could use a smart group which does “custom date not within last 99999 days”; that way any document with a future custom date will be included, any with a past custom date will not.

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