Smart Group Script

I have a serie of records, some of them are labelled.

Is it possible to create a new group containing only the labeled records?


Do you mean in a way other than the Script Menu > Smart Group > Label… script?

I ve used it but it creates a smart group with the non-labeled items of the ENTIRE dbase and not only the ones belonging to a specific group.

Other than the smart group approach, you can limit a search to a specific group and search for Label property, using an empty query term field.

Or you can open that group in Three-Panes view and add a column to allow sorting by Label – View > Columns > Label. That will aggregate the contents by Label property.

With either search results (for Label color) or sort by Label, one can select items, e.g., all red Label items, and replicate them to a new group, perhaps for further slicing and dicing by searches or sorts.

Thank you Bill. It s not an optimal ‘work-around’ but that should make it in the short term.

Frankly, it’s about time to see DTP 2.0 with proper smart groups.