Smart Group Template using %groupName%

Hi -

First post, so apologies if it’s a dumb question.

For my client documents I’m using a structure -


Then I’m dropping all the documents in the CLIENTNAME group and using a Smart Group to select particular documents by tags.

e.g. -

/Clients/CompanyX/Meeting Notes is a smart group, with a search in ‘CompanyX’ where Tag matches ‘Meeting Note’.

I’d to make my own smart group, so I can create a new client group and then use Data / New from Template to create the Smart Group.

To achieve this I think I need to set the search on the smart group to %groupName% (so it looks at the parent).

When I export an existing smart group to a template - I get a .dtTemplate file, which when I rename it to a scpt file, can see a folder and a DEVONtech_storage file, but no script and no obvious place to use %groupName%.

Is what I’m trying to do possible?

Any advice gratefully received.


This is not possible at the moment as placeholders are only usable inside documents and names. And smart groups aren’t scriptable (but a future release will support this).