Smart Group to show Missing Files

Although the log shows when a file is missing, it’s not always easy to find the document that has a file missing.

Is there a way of listing items with a file missing via a Smart Group or other means?


No, the only possibility is to use File > Verify & Repair Database… (version 3) or Tools > Verify & Repair Database… (version 2). This lists all missing items in the Window > Log panel. There you can select an item and reveal it via the contextual menu.

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Excellent! Just what I needed Christian. Selecting the MIA file in Log Panel after V&R, worked perfectly.

I would call that a definite Yes, to “other means?”. I acknowledge there very well may be, unknown to me, implications when attempting as batch, or even with some order > one.

I wish to congratulate the entire team for what is, not a byte short, of a brilliant result in DEVONthink. All the changes, and all the improvements, big and small, will become obvious in time.