Smart Group to show Missing Files

Although the log shows when a file is missing, it’s not always easy to find the document that has a file missing.

Is there a way of listing items with a file missing via a Smart Group or other means?


No, the only possibility is to use File > Verify & Repair Database… (version 3) or Tools > Verify & Repair Database… (version 2). This lists all missing items in the Window > Log panel. There you can select an item and reveal it via the contextual menu.

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Excellent! Just what I needed Christian. Selecting the MIA file in Log Panel after V&R, worked perfectly.

I would call that a definite Yes, to “other means?”. I acknowledge there very well may be, unknown to me, implications when attempting as batch, or even with some order > one.

I wish to congratulate the entire team for what is, not a byte short, of a brilliant result in DEVONthink. All the changes, and all the improvements, big and small, will become obvious in time.

Why wouldn’t selecting for Word Count = 0 or Size = 0 work? (along with a Kind = PDF/PS to exclude folders, etc).

It doesn’t…I tried it.

We really do need an easier way to deal with this. I have a large database of non-indexed PDFs, and a few go missing for no ostensible reason from time to time. And DT will not allow backups if even one file can’t be repaired. And Verify and Repair almost never works without manual intervention.

Verify & Repair never fixes missing files. That’s up to the individual to curate.