Smart group with multiple kinds of note

I’m trying to set up a Smart Group to trawl for any type of note I have made.

Using DT Pro Office

It is set up thus:

  • it searches in “Masters” database, where all my resources and notes for study are kept
  • “ANY of the following are true”
  • then I’ve set 3 criteria: they are all “Kind”, then “is”, then either “Plain text”, “Formatted Note”, “Rich text”

So you end up with:
“Kind is Plain text”
“Kind is Formatted Note”
“Kind”, then “is”, then either “Plain text”, “Formatted Note”, “Rich text”

Many thanks for any help!

Screen shot attached

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 10.22.52 am.png

You have to hold the Option key and add the other Kinds as sub-criteria.