Smart Group with NOT logic?

I am trying to create a Smart Group to identify PDF files that do not contain an OCR layer, and have DT OCR just those. I thought creating a smart group that defines “where file is PDF” but does not contain “a” (for example).

Yet I can’t find a way to define NOT logic in the smart group dialog. Is this possible? Am I missing something obvious?

if you’re trying to find non-OCRed PDFS, i would use word count is less than or equal to x and length is more than or equal to y. i usually do less than or equal to 200 words (because sometimes only the first page is OCRed etc.) and, for length, more than or equal to 2 (unit of measurement is pages), but it depends on what kind of pdfs you have in there

See Data > New from Template > Smart Groups > PDFs (not searchable)

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So yes, I was missing something obvious! :smile: