smart group with two cumulative arguments won't work


I’ve created in a group a subgroup which is an indexed folder of the file hierarchy of my Mac.

In this group I’ve created two smart groups. One of them shows all items from kind PDF/PS. This works properly.

The other smart group should show all items which are not PDF/PS files and, additionally, are no smart groups. But when I click on the OK button, the at first defined argument disappears. So this smart group shows either all non PDF/PS files and, as an subdirectory, the smart group with the PDF/PS files, or it shows all files but not the subdirectory.

Is it a bug or is it a wrong approach?

Kind regards, Friedrich

If you are going to create smart groups that includes multiple tests for the same search operator (kind is/is not ‘x’ and also kind is/is not ‘y’), you need to create a compound predicate by option-clicking on the ‘+’ button. It’s a bit clumsy to build smart groups this way, but they do work well. As example,and assuming I understood what you are needing, the test group pictured below should do what you want.