Smart groups and "date last opened" criterion

I would like to suggest a modification to how the “date last opened” criterion for smart groups (or whatever it’s called—I use DTPO in French) is interpreted.

Currently, the criterion is only satisfied with items that were double clicked and opened in a separate window. It is not satisfied for items that were viewed in the bottom pane of the main application window.

I think this is unfortunate because both ways of viewing are equally plausible and represent the same degree of user “focus” or “attention” on the item (in other words, viewing an item in the main window without double-clicking on it is not necessarily a kind of “preview” or cursory look at the item). I don’t know if other users share the same opinion, but I find the current behavior unexpected and counterintuitive. I would like my “opened within the last week” smart group to include each and every item I have viewed within last week, whether in its own window (double-click) or in the main window (single-click).

What COULD be excluded from this criterion, of course, is items that were simply “quick-looked” (space bar).

Thank you for considering this tweak.

Actually it’s already working that way but smart groups in the sidebar are not yet automatically updated if necessary. The next maintenance release will fix this.

Very glad to hear that, thanks for the update.