Smart Groups and "is not indexed"?


I had a reason to create a Smart Group with the query: “instance IS NOT indexed”

This returned the PDFs I wanted to find, but I noticed that the Inbox and (I think) all of my Tag Groups were returned as well.

It’s a simple matter to add another criterion to eliminate these hits, but I wonder why the Inbox and Tag Groups were returned, and not my “regular” Groups?

Best, Charles

Curious, as the same smart group gives me tag groups as well as folder groups. What happens if you switch the instance to ‘is indexed’-do folder groups appear in the results?

Over here both groups and tags are returned too. Are your groups excluded from searching?

Well, checking today, it seems as though the Smart Group returns literally everything that’s not indexed, including Smart groups. Yesterday, I also noticed that I got hits from my Inbox when I’d narrowed my search to a particular Group in another database.

But I was having trouble with a crashing helper application, so I’ll chalk it all up to that.