Smart Groups and "Update indexed Items" command

I created a smart group that shows any items that are a link to an external file (rather than being physically embedded in DevonThink). What I was hoping is that I could select all the files in that smartgroup and apply the File->Update Indexed Items command so that all external links would be indexed if any of the external files had changed. However, When I highlight any of the files from within the smart group, the File->Update Indexed Items command is disabled. It seems the only way I can apply this command is to select the item from within the actual group its contained in.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Are you saying that you created a smart group where ‘Instance>Is>Indexed’? Just asking because the usual terminology is Indexed and Imported files rather than linked and embedded files. I ask because I do not see this behavior with smart groups-I can select documents in a smart group and the Update Indexed Items is always active.

Also as a FYI, and you may be aware of this already, but an update of the index is only necessary to refresh the database for searches, and when a Group is selected, index any new documents in the Finder folder to the database. When you select any file in the database, you will always be working with the current version, even if the Update Indexed Items command has not been run recently.

Hi Greg
Yes, I do mean I create a smart group where Instance>Is>Indexed. I want to re-index it because I do want to perform a search within the documents. However, for me this option is always disabled when I access any file(s) from the smart group. I have attached an image of this behaviour to show you what I mean.
As you can see I’ve highlighted the indexed file from the Linked Items Smart Group but the option to Update Indexed Items is disabled.

Though I don’t know the inherent logic behind it at the moment (though I amsure there is a sound logical reason behind it), this does not work when this Smart Group is in the Global sidebar.

Drag a copy of the Smart Group to a database and check it out. It should work there.

… To Greg’s point (and pointing to the logic behind the behavior), you have a file selected which wouldn’t apply to the updating command (even if it appears to be acceptable in a database). Here’s the rule: You update indexed locations, not indexed files.

If you have an indexed file and change it outside DEVONthink when you reselect it in DEVONthink you will see the changes. No update needed. But if you add and remove files to an indexed location, DEVONthink has no idea of that so you would need to update the indexed location to reflect those filesystem changes. Make sense?

Ah, thanks bullfrog. All working fine now :slight_smile:

No problem. Just assisting where Greg started.

Cheers! 8^)

PS: It’s BLUEfrog. LOL - no worries. ;^)

Not blueFrog? :smiley:

Actually it is properly BLUEFROG. One word, all caps. 8)

Now that sync is that great with the new version 2.9 I’d like to see an automatic update of indexed files before a sync takes place… is that possible?

Or is it possible to script an update of indexed items once a day?