Smart Groups - Any/All Grouping

I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere, but not sure how to search for it.
I have documents tagged, for example: article, book, and writing.
I have a smart group to show me all books about writing and another one for all articles about writing.
I want to also have a smart group that shows me all book & articles on writing.
However, if I put “any” are true, then I see all my articles on every topic, but if I put “All” are true then I get no results as I dont have any documents tagged with both article and book.

I thought there was a way to group the rules such that I can see any book or article that matches writing.


Though the ‘and’ here is colloquially correct, it is not so in logic. You want
writing and (book or article)
and corresponds to DT’s all while or is equivalent to any

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hello… thanks but I’m a bit confused… I dont see how to set up writing and (book or article) because I only see that I can select all or any for all 3 variables… how do I group book & article?

The Option key is your friend.


aha! the option key! thanks!

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Documented in the Windows > Sidebar: Smart Group and Rule Editor section of the help and manual.