Smart groups confusion

What would cause documents that I’m not accessing (and have not touched) show up in the Smart Folder “Today”?

Maybe those documents are news of feeds? What’s the modification date (see Info panel for example) of those documents?

They are all PDF scans of documents. No links embeded.

Here is one that is showing up today (6.29.09) in the Smart Group “Today”

That’s clearly not a proper item to be displayed in the Today smart group.

There are three possibilities:

  1. The Today smart group has been modified so that it is not filtering for content added ‘today’. Here’s what it should look like in Smart Group Editor:
    Name: Today
    Search in: Databases
    All of the following are true
    Date Modified is Today
    Kind is Any Content

  2. OS X has been damaged in some way so that dates are not being properly read.

  3. That file has been damaged in some way so that dates are not being properly reported.

  1. Those are my settings.

  2. It’s only a few random files so I’m guessing it’s not that.

  3. If it’s a bad file, how would I “fix” it?


Perhaps resave it?

I noticed that the Creation Date is more recent than the Date Added.

Take a look at your ‘Today’ smart group tomorrow. Still there?

Do you use the smart group “Today” in the sidebar (introduced by the latest beta) or the smart group “Today” in a database (created by earlier betas)?

The only predicates should be…

  1. Date Modified is Today
  2. Kind is Any Content

Sidebar I think?

Also that file that was there yesterday is still there along with another file that has the same sort of issues. Added date is earlier than created date.

The default smart group “Today” is only using the modification date, not the addition or creation dates. Please send the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/SmartGroups.plist to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll check this. Thanks.