smart groups deliver different results

I have two databases open: testcase1 and testcase2. Each has multiple instances of duplicates. The default “duplicate” smart group in the global sidebar shows no duplicates. But when I create a new global smart group titled “another duplicates” with identical search criteria, the number of duplicates in the open databases is shown correctly. Both of the smart groups have these criteria:

Search in databases
All true
Instance is duplicate

Can someone help me understand why the results are different?


(If it’s helpful, “duplicates” smart groups in the respective databases also show the correct numbers.)

For each smart group, is the “Search in” parameter set to “Databases”?

Yes, both set to “databases,” plural.

Not without seeing your data.

But – if I’m following the story correctly – you have a smart group in the Global Sidebar that is telling the truth, and smart groups in each of the two databases also tell the truth, and their findings add up to the findings of the smart group in the Global Sidebar – but you also have a second smart group in the Global Sidebar that is lying.

So just delete it?

It’s broken, but does it make a difference to know? Clearly, you were able to create a working smart group.