Smart Groups - not displaying within databases

Using DevonThink Pro 2.9.2 / DTTG 2.02 (15969).

I sync using Bonjour sync from DTP to DTTG.

Within any database I cannot see any of the smart groups which are present (whether the pre-defined ones that are automatically created or those I create myself.

The DTTG manual does not appear to have anything on this.

Is this a limitation or is there a setting in DTTG to make them show?

Smart groups are not support in DTTG2 which is why they are by default hidden. In the group containing the smart groups, open the view options (the right-most icon in the bottom toolbar) and switch on “Show hidden items”.

Thank you for the reply.

I am not sure I understand the implications of your response.

Do you mean by stating that the smart groups are not supported in DTTG, is that by enabling ‘Show hidden items’, I can see the names of the smart groups, but cannot access the content of the smart group?

That is they always show ‘0 bytes’ etc.

Is this correct?

Is the only way round this limitation (if the above correct) is to create a table of contents for the smart group concerned?

Exactly, you can see them but not do anything wit them except for moving or renaming them just like any ‘unknown’ object.

Unfortunately, custom smart groups are not (yet) supported in DEVONthink To Go.