Smart Groups vs. Database

When I scan a document, it shows up in my smart groups. However, I can’t find that document in my database. Whether I use the search box or scroll to where the file should be, the database does not show it. However, as long as I go to the appropriate smart group (today, last week, etc.), the file is there and I can do anything I want to to it.

What step am I missing?

To see the location of a document that has been selected in a smart group, press ‘Command-R’ (the Reveal command).

Bill told you how to find them, now I am going to speculate as to where you are going to find them. Files can be added to the root level of the database, so they don’t show up in any groups. Bring up the three pane view, click on the blank space below the last group in the group pane of that view, and any documents in root will appear in the upper-right file pane.