smart groups?

Are the DEVONthink creators planning on any sort of smart group implementation with 2.0/Pro? One problem I have is that I like to read online news a lot, so I capture the page contents with Safari’s services. However, I have no control over putting that RTF into a specific folder. So maybe there can a way to have a “recently added” folder of documents, so I can just rip through all the articles I want to save and then not have to go around searching for them so that I can get them into the appropriate “To Read List” folder. Any chances this will happen?

Good news! You can already do this with DT PE 1.9.2.

Create a new group and name it “Recent Additions”.

Open DT Preferences, click on Import. Near the bottom of the pane there are options for new notes. Click on the scrolling button to the right of “New Notes” to see the options that are available for placing new items into your database. Now do this:

[1] If the option to automatically classify new notes is checked, uncheck it. Reason: You are grabbing a number of notes from Safari, and you want to review them to decide which you want to keep. Afterwards, if you wish, you can turn autoclassification on again.

[2] Now you want to tell DT to place all new notes into your “Recent Additions” group. Click once more on the scrolling button, find the “Recent Additions” group and click on it.

Now all the notes you send to DT from Safari will be filed into your selected folder. Whenever you wish, you can examine the new notes, discarding those that you decide not to keep. While viewing a note, you can use the “Classify” button to place the note into an appropriate group. Or, you can select all the items in the group, then select Data > Auto Classify. DT will attempt to file the new items (you may have to file some of them manually, if DT can’t decide where to place them).

How’s that?

And yes, ‘smart folders’ whose contents meet the criteria of search terms will come in DT Pro, via scripting attachments to groups.

Thanks for the tip. Now, what about the URL? Sometimes I need to grab the text (e.g., news sites with stories that I dont’ have time for right that second but want to read, but the story could be archived) and sometimes I just want the URL so I can come back later (e.g., blogs and open/freely archived sites that don’t charge me). The services menu of Safari only lets me take rich or plain notes, lookup and summarize, so if I just want the URL do i have to cmd-tab to DT and cmd-n? Is there a quicker way to get it into my “Recent Additions” folder?

Thanks for the help.

In Safari, type command-L (Open Location) to move to and highlight the URL in the location field, then command-( (Take Plain Note) to copy the URL to DEVONthink. The name of the new item in DT will be the URL (or most of it). You can use “Rename > To Web Page Title” under DT’s script menu to change the name to the title. Or highlight some text in the content window for the selected item and use “Set Title As” from the contextual menu to change the name to the highlighted text. Or some other way you’d usually change the name. It’s probably easier doing the renaming later if you’re saving a lot of URLs in a session. And if there’s some faster method that automatically sets the name of a saved URL to the title I haven’t found it yet. What I’d like is something like “New With Clipboard” from the Dock, which does set the name to the title, without opening a new window.

Hope that makes sense. It’s easier to do than my explanation of it. :slight_smile:

If I may be so humble . .I often leave a new folder (dated, named, whatever you like) open in a DT and/or DN window showing just a bit to the left of the Safari window and - god, this is embarrassing - drag and drop the url .

Actually, it’s kind of cool, because as the page loads and I realize I want to look into the material further, that it may be a keeper - I switch to DT, because of course it’s there I begin the thinking-reading decision-making, process: do I want to read more of this, file a clip, keep a bookmark. This has really brought the web home, for me. A wonderful and useful way stage between the extremes of bookmarks in Safari and the old laborious copy and paste, or even service-clip to a seperate app.

Embarrassing? :confused: I’ve long been dragging/dropping URLs from Safari to a few different “topical” DT windows (in List View) although purely for bookmarking without viewing the content (which I’d open up a new browser tab for).