Smart quotes in DT Pro

DT Pro public beta: “Smart quotes” does not seem to be implemented. If it is, I see no way to turn it on in Preferences. This surprises me. I do hope the developers will add this.

This is something I have long wanted and have asked for it many times. The workaround is install DEVON Technologies’ freeware “Wordservice” where you can use services>convert>Smart Quotes to do what you want.

I agree this is nowhere near as satisfactory as having smart quotes built in to DTPro. I would like to add my voice to your request, and would like to see it implemented at preferences level so that straignt quotes are automatically converted to smart quotes and vice versa depending on which preference is selected.


Is Smart Quotes like what your describing?

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Yes that does appear to be what I’m describing. It would be nice to click it on or off as a preference in DT Pro.

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Well, as far as I can see, straight quotes, single and double, typed into a rich text in DTPro will be automatically and correctly curled. The problem is that as soon as you paste something into the text any subsequent quotes that are typed are straight again.

Using smart quotes from services still has a problem with the opening quote being the wrong way round from the point of view of US/UK users.

Amen, to the suggestion for a preference.

Yes, please give us smart quotes. The present tick marks look ugly and - if you’re writing for a living - amateurish. I know DEVONthink is not a dedicated word processor, but still . . .

In a submitted manuscript, every book and journal publisher I know prefers straight quotes to curly. The curly quotes mess up kerning and line length, which throw off type-setting systems.

If you are preparing camera-ready copy, then perhaps curly quotes look more aesthetic, but in some type faces, especially sans-serif, they aren’t attractive at all, either on screen or page.

I don’t tend to call them “smart” cuz they ain’t.

That’s interesting to know. I’m more familiar with newspapers and magazines (20-odd years on British nationals). On the production/editing side, we always want journalists to file with curly quotes rather than straight. One less thing to fix . . .
Let’s have a choice, at least.

This may be one more of the many differences between American and British copy style.

The double-single quotes usage is one set of variables, and the straight-curly distinction is another (

I agree that DT users should have a choice. I do it through Services: Convert, but I can see why others prefer to have an option in DT Preferences.

Services: Convert is fine, as far as it goes … but a lot more cumbersome than having an option in DT preferences, so I’m keen to go the preferences route. Also Services: Convert sometimes puts closing quotes at the beginning of a passage and opening quotes at the end, so doesn’t work properly in all situations.



thank you for the feedback! Smart Quotes will be probably added to either the final release of DT Pro or to the first minor release afterwards

That’s great news.

Excellent news!!


Thanks for incorporating smartquotes at last … it’s been a long time coming, but it really does make a difference.


Just as a quick addition to this discussion: smart quotes are built into the typography of the Hoefler Text font. That will give you smart quotes in any app that uses Apple’s text engine.

And there they are in the final release. Excellent!

Bravo on this detail, and on getting Pro out the very day it was promised.