Smart Quotes

Would really like to have the option for “smart quotes” added into the Preferences for DEVONthink and DEVONnote.


YES PLEASE!!! I agree wholeheartedly. This would be really useful in two forms. One would be a command to convert an existing document’s quotes to smart quotes. The other would be for smart quotes to be the default when creating or typing a document.

As a point of interest, the Services/Convert/Smart Quotes part of word services doesn’t work 100%. It often puts quotes the wrong way around at the start or end of a paragraph, for example.

So yes, please incorporate smart quotes!


This is actually one of my biggest gripes with DT, which otherwise I like a great deal. Dealing with the issue makes writing in the app something of a chore.
I suspect the problem with Services/Convert/Smart Quotes mentioned by Gerry is that it defaults to what I believe is the German convention for smart quotes, rather than the UK/US convention. (The convention in French is different yet again.)
Mellel provides a preference which allows you to chose the quotes appropriate to your own country; it would be nice to see something like this in DT. :-[

Actually the english localization of WordService’s smart quotes is based on feedback and should work the way as expected (well, almost… there’s probably no 100% reliable smart quotes implementation outside).

Otherwise just open the WordService package and have a look at the Localizable.strings files - maybe adapting them will improve things?

However, maybe automatic smart quotes will be added to DT 1.9.x (not 1.9).

Well the fact is that WordService’s smartquotes conversion doesn’t work the way expected!!! Yet smart quote conversion does work correctly in applications like Z-Write (just re-written for OSX), which makes it very easy to immediately convert everything to or from smart quotes.

The sooner you can add smartquote conversion to DT the better! Thank you.