Smart Rule action "Play Sound" executed without matching documents

Create a Smart Rule likes the folloing:

I assume no document will match this rule in your Inbox. Despite this, in the next minute you will here the Glass sound. That looks pretty wrong to me.

Similarly, when you set the trigger to “Before Synchronization” (instead of “Every Minute”) it beeps again and again - without a matching document in the Inbox.

@cgrunenberg: I confirmed this is the case here too, with just the Play Sound action in use.

In case of smart rules having actions not requiring an item they’re nonetheless executed (a change due to a recent request).

This doesn’t make sense to me! I thought Smart Rules have to be understood like this

  • Search in [location]

and if

  • All/Any of the following are true [conditions]


  • Perform [on trigger] the following actions:
    • Move
    • Play Sound

This looks to me like a clear if-then structure, i.e. do all of the actions only when the conditions are true. It feels to me very intuitive to have some actions executed regardless…

Besides: In this unexpected world of doing somethings unnecessarily all the time, how can the rule notify the user that a move has occurred?

The next release will fix this.

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