Smart Rule... DevonThink3

Trying to Rename and Move to…

  1. :white_check_mark: IMG send to DTTG from iOS photo

  2. :white_check_mark: Synchronized to DevonThink3

  3. :white_check_mark: Shows in Smart Rule

  4. :x: Doesn’t Not execute UNLESS clicked “apply”

  5. :white_check_mark: Right click on Smart Rule then click “apply” it Renames it and sends it to the right folder

:o: Bug or what am I doing wrong?


Perform the following actions: On synchronization

Just tried to reproduce this but everything’s working as expected. Do you use any additional smart rules which are performed on sync? Does the smart rule work if it’s e.g. hourly performed?

And YES! It does work “Hourly”

Umm yeah I DO have another Smart Rule with Perform On Sync.

I tried “On moving into database” and the same as synchronization, it does NOT work.

“On moving into database” I ONLY have this smart rule NO additional smart rule with this option.

What is the other rule with On Sync doing?

The rule mentioned ABOVE is to look for A specific database Inbox.

The other Smart Rule is set to look into All Inbox databases.

Smart Rule for the other is this.

*** If just ONE smart rule is set to On Synchronization then it WORKS fine.

@cgrunenberg would have to respond to this, but that logically doesn’t surprise me.

Event triggers are singular events, so once a sync is done and a smart rule is triggered, there is no continued sync event to trigger another. This may still be doable, but that would be Criss’ territory.

The difference between both

One of the smart rules is set for:

  1. Looks in All inboxes
  2. Looks for Tags

The other smart rule is set for:

  1. A specific Inbox
  2. Looks for Images

:o: Both are On Synchronization.


Either one is set for:

:white_check_mark: On synchronization

AND the other.

:white_check_mark: On moving into Databases

Then both work fine.

:o: Just ONE smart rule has to be set for “On synchronization” otherwise On synchronization doesn’t work.

Yes, but there’s still only one On Sync event - not a persistent and ongoing event - and technologically I don’t know if it would trigger multiple smart rules. If so, would they be triggered synchronously, in series, or asynchronously, potentially in parallel.

Correct, and both aren’t happening at the same time.

The talented, smart and hard working Chris has to weigh in on this :slight_smile:

Events trigger of course multiple smart rules. Depending on the actions the order can be important (see sidebar), e.g. a “Cancel” action cancels the execution of smart rules.

We can’t have two Smart rules with “On synchronization” then?

Yes, this should be possible but the order can be important. What’s the first smart rule in the sidebar?

Here are both Smart Rules.

And in which order are they listed in the sidebar’s “Smart Rules” section?

From top to bottom:

Move Sc
Move IMG to…

I just created a new group with two smart rules pointing to it.

Only the first rule is triggering when dragging and dropping files into the target group.

PS: After deleting one of the rules and creating a new one, neither rule is triggering - even after quitting and relaunching.

Definitely a different issue related to importing and certain filetypes (e.g. images) indexed in the background. Fixed.

Yeah something is off