Smart rule does not detect correct document date

I am evaluating Devonthink smart rule workflow before considering an update to version 3. I currently use Hazel to auto name the document with Name - dates. I ran into an issue with a receipt that has a document date Sat 15 Feb 20 12:28pm but Devonthink recognizes this as Feb 20, 2012. In Hazel, I can do a date match and use that date in the title but I see no way to do this in Devonthink Smart rules.

Is there some way to do this or is it not possible?

Many Thanks!

Welcome @gaprice

There is likely more than one date on the receipt.
The options for date detection are: Document Date, Newest Document Date, or Oldest Document Date.

No, there isn’t.

Is this a scanned document?
If so, use Data > Convert > to Plain Text and see what the text of the document contains.

That did it. 15 was recognized as IS instead. Thanks!

The next release will be able to handle such OCR errors.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: