Smart Rule firing "on creation" not working when creating new note from template

I have a smart rule with the following conditions:

When I create a new markdown note via Data>New>Markdown Text this rule fires.
When I create a new markdown note via Data>New From Template>Named Markdown (a template script which creates a new markdown file from the clipboard), this rule does not fire. I would expect that it would fire in this condition. Is creating a note from a template script not meeting this condition by design?

Data>New From Template>Named Markdown

  • Is this something of yours?
  • Can you zip and post it?

customized from something posted in the forum years ago

Named (18.0 KB)

I don’t know the technicalities of this (that’s a Development thing) but AppleScript events won’t trigger as On Creation or “On Import” events.

Ok, just for clarity: they currently don’t but will in the future, they currently don’t and won’t ever, or something else?

I can’t speak for Development on this. Only @cgrunenberg can comment on this with any authority as he’s our Chief Engineer/CTO/Lead Developer/super smart guy. :slight_smile:

It’s intentional that neither smart rules nor scripts trigger other smart rules, otherwise the results might be unpredictable/unexpected. However, the AppleScript command perform smart rule could be used by the template script (or the template script could embed the script of your smart rule)

oh, of course. I just appended the AppleScript of the Smart Rule into the AppleScript of the Template script. Brilliant!