Smart rule for GDPR compliance

In Europe we have new data protection legislation (GDPR) which amongst other things requires that you specify how long you hold personal data. I have just created a smart rule to help me keep on top of this & I thought it might be useful to others. In this case the retention period is 6 years (I made it 2191 days to account for a leap year). The reference tag is for government regulations etc. which are often in force for more than 6 years and I wanted to exclude them from the cull.


Now that it’s possible to export and import smart rules, perhaps you could test that mechanism, zip the rule, and attach it for others to test importing… and the fruit of your labor. :slight_smile:

No problem.
The affected database and tags to skip deletion would need to be edited of course.
If the retention period is different, that would need to be amended too.
Hope I have zipped & attached it properly.


GDPR (1.1 KB)

Nice. I did the import via double-clicking the unzipped smart rule. Imported as expected.
I also think this is a nice example of a simple smart rule that anyone can easily and logically put together, without the need of being “a programmer”.

We just have a small cosmetic issue @cgrunenberg would have to address.

That’s the default formatting of numbers by macOS probably on your system.

Shouldn’t the textfield be a bit wider to accommodate more numbers?

Good question, ask Cupertino - these are also the (hardly customizable) defaults of this control :slight_smile:

Ouch! :stuck_out_tongue: