Smart Rule for notes belonging to a Smart Group


Is it possible to have a Smart Rule act based on a Smart Group?
What I do now is first create a Smart Group, clean up the items which appear here and the apply a Smart Rule to all this items. As a result I need to apply the same “grouping” elements.
Not a biggy, but just checking if I’m overlooking aspects which make my life easier.

PS: and this also is more future proof when changing my Smart Group settings…


As a result I need to apply the same “grouping” elements.

It’s unclear what you’re meaning here.

PS: You can’t target a smart rule with another smart rule or a smart group.

How about … you apply the Smart Rule on the items first and add another action to the rule that adds a marker of some kind, say, a tag. And then you create a Smart Group displaying all items with that tag.

So all changes in the settings would only have to be made once in the Smart Rule settings. Also marker is not set could be a condition to the Smart Rule so it won’t run more than once on an item.

Your PS answered the question ;-).

Glad it helped.