Smart rule not deleting or trashing indexed items in user library

I’m trying to use DT to clear some cache files regularly. I indexed the folder, and set up a smart rule to Delete, and also tried Move to Trash. Neither effect the file in the smart group. (Although they do vanish from the DT index until the index is updated. They do not go to file system trash or move anywhere on file system)

I can add and remove tags to these documents, I can move them to another folder. Delete works for other folders.

Whilst I can imagine this might have something to do with the changes that were made to the alerts regarding locked and indexed files in trash (I posted about this here), I wonder whether you could please post your rule so I can see whether I can confirm the behaviour (unless somebody else beats me to it that is, I’m a little pushed for time this weekend). Thx.

Where is the indexed folder located?

Couldnt be simpler.


Delete works for other folders.

In your user library?
I wouldn’t suggest indexing and messing about in there.