Smart Rule placeholder "Document Date" not detecting dates

Just for background, I’m trying to convert some of my file processing from Hazel to DT’s smart rules (at @BLUEFROG’s urging). Issue is detecting dates in one case (so far). DT3.5.1, OS 10.14.6.
Source document is an Amazon invoice downloaded from Amazon’s US site. Already has an OCR Text layer. None of the Document Date placeholders (plain, oldest, newest) detect any dates…there are 3, one for the order date, one for the “shipped on” date, and one for the payment date.
“Document Amount”, fwiw, is detected correctly.

From a converted to text document, the full lines containing dates in one sample are:

Order Placed: July 19, 2020
Shipped on July 20, 2020
MasterCard ending in 1234: July 20, 2020:$19.99 To view the status of your order, return to Order Summary.

Looking back, the month is always spelled out in full if that matters, but the format has been consistent for some time.
The rule does not pick up dates in either the PDF or the text version of the file.

That’s a bug of the current release in cause of certain spelled out months (including July), the next release will fix this.

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Thanks! Appreciate the quick response and great support. (and I probably should have tried several documents, although an inconsistent result would have confused me even more :rofl:)