Smart rule showing up in Smart Group area - unable to delete

I am currently running beta 3 though I have installed beta1 and beta2 previously. I am starting now to more extensively use it to test my workflows.

I had several Smart Groups created within DT2. When I upgraded to DT3, these SmartGroups are showing up as SmartRules instead. I have attached a screen shot to show this.

More importantly, I am unable to delete them. Each time I right-click on the specific Smart Group and click “Remove”, my computer just “beeps” and nothing else happens.

How can I get rid of these specific Smart Groups? Thanks.

Try deleting it from DT2 first.
Then restart Mac

Thank you. Problem solved

I have Smart Rules that cannot be deleted, renamed or modified. Is there an updated fix to resolve the problem from within DT3 itself? I’ve moved to a new Mac and would prefer not to install older software (DT2).

Have you quit and relaunched DEVONthink?

Well, that was silly of me. After relaunching, deleting works. Fortunately, I can leave that embarrassing plea for help in 2019 — happy New Year!

Haha! No worries.

A safe and Hapy New Year to you and yours as well! :slight_smile:

Can not remove SmartGroups from the sidebar, either by clicking the Delete key or Right Click > Remove or any combination of shift/control/option/command. Restarted DT3 (3.5.2) and there is no change.

Thanks for the report!

@cgrunenberg I have confirmed this here as well.

How did you exactly try to remove them? I just tried it successfully via the contextual menu.

Now working. For all Dbs, today I verified, ran index, backed up, and updated to v10.15.7. As well had to restart the computer a couple of times.

Guess that among those actions whatever was the problem was resolved.

Please let us know if this should happen again - thank you!