Smart Rule to Assign Tags Based on Content

This rule works, but can I stack steps and combine them into one Smart Rule?

But how do you propose it do that? :thinking:

PS: @cgrunenberg: Didn’t this used to not require entering tags to match or am I just remembering the smart rule script Tags - Assign ?

My example added tags that only matched the document content. Each document had one of the tags only.

PS: There is an external smart rule script Tags - Assign Most Important Words, but again, how is this to know what YOU deem is important?

The smart rule is posted above at Smart Rule to Assign Tags Based on Content - #7 by BLUEFROG

My external script contains code to identify tags and update the note

if "tbdJournal - " is in theName then set theTagList to {"!Type-Journal", "!Journal-NoteDaily"}

tell application id "DNtp" --------------------------------------------------------
		set theNote to move record theNote to theFilingGroup
		set name of theNote to theTitle
		set tags of theNote to tags of theNote & theTagList
		set locking of theNote to true
		set label of theNote to taskLabel
		set theLink to reference URL of theNote
	end tell

Yes, that’s the rule script.

Hi @cgrunenberg , is it possible to stack criteria within a smart rule?

Thank you and @BLUEFROG for your help :blush: :pray:

This should work:

That’s what I’m looking for! Thank you :grinning: