Smart rule to automate Inherit tags from groups

Hey gang!

I’m hoping this is an easy one for you all… I just can’t figure it out myself.

Within the database properties I have set ‘Inherit Tags of Groups’ as I want the group name to reflect as a tag for the individual sub-groups and documents stored inside.

Right now I am manually adding tags to each of the groups created. For example, if a group is named ‘Finance’ I then manually add the tag ‘finance’ (in lowercase, my preference) to that group. As expected, all documents within the Finance group now have a ‘finance’ tag. Great :+1:

My question… is it possible to automate this ‘inherit’ process further? Is there a smart rule or script that I can use that will automatically grab the group name and add it as a tag to that group?

Grateful in advance for any thoughts or suggestions. :blush:

Lower-casing it in the process? I suppose you’ll have to script that.

Another possibility might be to disable the option to exclude groups from tagging (and maybe to enable case-insensitive tagging too). That way every item inside a group has a tag identical to the group’s name.

Hi @cgrunenberg ,

Thank you for your insight :blush:

I’m still unclear how to achieve setting the tag of a group to the name of the group? Excluding the requirement for lowercase tagging as this is not a huge thing for me, I don’t see how to quickly set the tag of a group to the name of the group.

The inherit function in the database preferences works as expected when I have manually added a tag to that group all subgroups and documents inherit that tag. However, I’m trying to figure out a way to automatically assign a tag to an existing or newly created group based on the name of that group without having to manually add a tag.

So creating a group called Finance automatically assigns a tag called Finance (or finance) to that group.

Appreciate your thoughts.

You just have to disable the option to exclude groups from tagging (see File > Database Properties). That’s all, everything else is handled automatically.

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You’re a legend! Thank you! :grinning: :metal:

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