Smart Rule to Delete Duplicates

I am cleaning up years worth of documents and files. Is there a way to write a smart rule to delete one of the two file or more files?


one of the two file or more files?

So if you had ten files, you’d want to preserve nine?

You can’t make a smart rule to affect this change without using an Execute Script action. But bear in mind, running a script like this automatically could produce undesirable results. It is certainly possible the script could delete a file in a location where you would have kept it.

A possible alternative, but please wait for others’ advice first…
(1) gather all duplicates by using the standard smart group
(2) Check each set of duplicates. If you are sure that the duplicates are the same item, use data->convert->duplicates to replicants.
At least you now know that only one original is remaining in DT (and Finder).

I am looking at 5,122 duplicates. Maybe I back them up and then execute a script. Or, I spend more time than I want to hitting the delete key over and over and over . . . like a giant cable knit sweater.