Smart Rule to email a document after scanning

I have a situation where I want to have a document that was just imported from my ScanSnap emailed via Apple Mail automatically to a specific address.

I assume this would be a good job for a Smart Rule. The document is a form and I have a search term created that will always identify that particular form.

I created a simple test Smart Rule that just matches a specific filename already in my Inbox and set the action to “Send Mail” and used my email address for the test. The email was sent but the file was not attached, it only contained the name of the file and the DEVONthink URL for it. Is it possible to attach the actual file?

Then, if I can get the above to work, I’m not sure which I should use for the action to kick off the rule. Would I use “On OCR” to get it once OCR had run on the newly imported file?


This action currently sends only item links, not attachments, as that’s compatible to all email clients.

If the smart rules conditions match the text, then “On OCR” is recommended, otherwise “On Import” would be more generic.

Ah OK, thanks.

What email application are you using (hopefully Apple Mail) ?

Yes, I’m using Apple Mail.