Smart rule to generate summary of a bookmark?

There are a number of APIs out there that can use NLP to generate a summary of a provided web page. I’d love to have a smart rule in DevonThink which will automatically generate one of these when a bookmark is added and then add it to a field on the bookmark.

Has anyone done this already before I have a go?

The motivation is to make searching for saved bookmarks a bit richer whilst not adding too many common words to my search index. I also don’t always want to save a PDF of every article (my current way to ensure this)

I’d say “scripting”. But it might be a tad convoluted: You can’t access any web APIs directly with AppleScript or JavaScript. So you have to go through the shell and make curl or wget do what you want.

This script Capture in Smart Rule - #8 by cgrunenberg plus a smart rule can be used to index bookmarks too. However, the complete plain text is added, not just a summary. But there’s also a summarize command available in the StandardAdditions script suite which could be used, the results might vary of course.