Smart rule to print only once using PrintNow tag either within DevonThink or in the Sorter

I would like to create a smart rule to be able print RTF documents when I assign the PrintNow tag.
I would add the tag to RTF items either already in DevonThink or in the sorter prior to import.
Since I am error/bungle prone, I am asking forum members for help to create the smart rule to clarify:

  • how to automatically print items with the PrintNow tag.
  • how to make sure that the item is printed only once, and the label either subsequently deleted or made inactive (in terms of printing)
    Or is there an alternative method?. I can drag and drop and RTF file to the printer icon in the dock, but this does not solve the problem of printing by adding the PrintNow tag in the sorter before it is imported into DevonThink
    thanks in advance for your time and help

There’s no action to print items. Therefore the only option is a script which would have to open a window, print it (see print AppleScript command) and then close it again.

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thank you Christian. I will try using keyboard maestro. Macros can be run as a script.

So it’s simple with keyboard maestro to print, and a script can execute a keyboard maestro macro.
From a DT point of view, how do I setup the smart rule so that the script (which uses keyboard maestro but that it irrelevant), is triggered only once after the tag is either added within DevonThink or present when a file is imported ?
thank you again

The On Tagging and On Import events should handle this. The rule should also remove the tag after printing.

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