Smart Rule window partially offscreen. Cannot move it

I have a long smart rule, which exceeds the available length of the screen of my MacBook Pro:

I cannot move the window, nor can I scroll it. The bottom of the smart rule is simply cut off. Short of changing the size of my display settings, is there any way to address this? I have the display at 1280x800, because my old eyes like larger fonts.

Perhaps replacing some or all of these content rules can be replaced with scan text and a regular expression.

But scan text is in the action section, isn’t it? How can I make it a filter/condition of the rule?

I suppose I could combine all of those content conditions into one (or a few) “OR” conditions. I have added them to the rule over time. That is why it is so long.

Does this smart rule actually work? It seemingly shouldn’t at a glance.

Sorry, I was not at my Mac when I posted this.

I think that it did stop working. I consolidated it to this:

In the previous one, I was trying to exclude documents with the word “witnesseth,” which occurs in acts of sale and mortgages, because those documents typically also contain the word “repairs” but are not what I am trying to tag as a repair document.

Which version of macOS and of DEVONthink do you use? The height should be limited to the screen.

mac os 12.5 Monterey
Devonthink 3.8.5

My display prefs are:

What happens if you change from Scaled to Default for Display?


I’m not sure. The default text size is so tiny that I cannot function with my computer.

It’s not the point of this conversation but I made a complaint to Apple about that and got a right rubbish answer. It is 2022, anyone wanting to change the font size on their system should be allowed to do so without having to scale their display. It looks crap on large monitors and the tiny font they use is basically designed for 12 year olds. More than half the world now needs glasses (it’s a silent pandemic!) - we need the choice of bigger font sizes!!