Smart Rules are great

Just created my first one, and I don’t know why I waited so long.

It was intuitive to set up, and I can see how this removes friction and lets me use DevonThink more and get more out of it.


And keep adding such stuff, I believe this truly sets it apart from the mass of note-taking/linking apps out there today.


I do agree—but beware the slippery slope… I started with smart rules but then slid down the slope into AppleScript. It’s sometimes difficult to resist!



@Stephen_C, it’s so cool to see how easily available automation makes a difference. It was a pleasure to see how you kept asking AppleScript questions and the forum got anwers :slight_smile:

I started the other way around (as Smart Rules were not available “back then”), so going from AppleScript to Smart Rules I can see that they are (of course) in general an amazing feature (and I think it’s one of the most underestimated features, even by those who use it).

But the real power (as you probably know) is the combination of both: Smart Rules and AppleScript (or JavaScript). Wooaah! With both thogether there’s almost everything possible. DEVONthink is … DEVONthink.


Wonderful! :slight_smile:
Smart rules were made so everyone could do automation on their own, especially non-programmers! Having script execution is just one more action available that extends the possibilities but is not required.


@pete31 your patient support—and that of my other mentors here—taught me so much and there’s no way I could have reached where I am with scripting (which I’d still class as merely “intermediate” :grin: ) without that support. This forum is one of my favourite places on the Net and I continually learn from it.


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