Smart Rules - "Search In" Dropdown - More Flexibility Needed

I’ve developed certain smart rules for changing naming conventions I used in the past and want to update to the current yyyy-mm-dd format I use. As a result, I need to edit the rule frequently to make the new target of the rule a different folder using the “Search In…” box. I note that the pop-up list of folders does not include the Favorites I’ve set. As a result, I must go hunting for the proper folder deep in my nested array of folders of my database. It would be very convenient if you could enable the “Search In…” list to include Favorites locations to simplify this process.

Why are you using a smart rule for this?
You could potentially use Tools > Batch Process for the renaming.

Tell me more. I went to Tools but don’t see a Batch Process as a menu item. Because my Smart Rule manipulates the existing entry to preserve and move the text once the date has been altered, I’m careful not to do a mass application of this, as rules cannot be undone.

I now realize I have to select something to apply the Batch Process.

That is correct.

Can you post the criteria and actions of the smart rule you were using?

Here a screenshot of the Smart Rule.

It takes an entry like 20211120 Barn Utilities and puts the dashes in-between the year, month and day. 2021-11-20 Barn Utilities is the result.

Yes, you could use this in a batch process as well.
However, if you are going to use the batch process in other instances, you can drag and drop files on the smart rule as needed. The actions will be applied to the dropped files. This will allow you to use the actions of the smart rule without having to specifically target different groups.

Does the drag and drop leave them where they are filed? How would I alter the smart rule to allow that?

I’ve created several rules to deal with earlier naming conventions. Since I’m almost done combing through my 30,000 items to fix this, the simplest approach may be to continue to do what I do. Is there an issue with adding Favorites to the drop down in the “Search In…” list?

Yes, the files are processed in place. There are no actions to move or file them so logically they don’t move.

Does my “Perform the following actions:” choice need to change?


Thanks for the advice. I’ll try it next time I’m using these rules.

You’re welcome.